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“My company ordered the 2014 Filing & State Reporting Guide after attending a TIR webinar. That was one of the best decisions our AP Department made for this reporting season….The IRS isn't always clear in answering 1099 reporting questions. We truly appreciate the straight forwardness of the TIR Guides.”

— Rodney Spruell, AP Vendor Specialist, Kaplan Inc

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We request that you join us this Thursday March 30, 2017 and get the latest updates in W-9/1099 compliance rules - plus have your questions answered on-air by our expert!

Now Available: The 2017 Form 1099 Compliance Guide!

The 2017 Form 1099 Compliance Guide is here! At 150 pages, our top-selling annual guide is packed with guidance regarding the latest & most important changes in Federal & State Form 1099 information reporting laws. And it's priced the same as last year's edition!

Watch out: IRS 1042/1042-S Audits are Regularly Turning into 1099 Audits

As AP and Tax professionals hopefully know - the IRS has been on an enforcement push in regards to auditing 1042/1042-S reportable payments made to Non-U.S. payees. However, an increasing number of 1042/1042-S related audits are being expanded into the 1099 world. 

TAX TIP OF THE WEEK: Form 1099 Backup Withholding Versus 1042 NRA Withholding

Form 1099 backup withholding can be a confusing process. Throw in the need to withhold on payments of U.S. source income made to Non-Resident Alien (NRA) payees and things get crazier yet. This week let's examine the differences between these two withholding regimes.

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Lyft Pays $27 Million Over 1099 Reportable Payments to Independent Contractors

After earlier rejecting a proposed settlement U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria in San Francisco ordered Lyft's $27 million settlement for a group of 1099 reportable independent contractor drivers.

TAX TIP OF THE WEEK: Watch out - IRS Raises Form 1099/1042-S Penalty Rates Yet Again in 2017!

The IRS has raised penalty rates yet again in 2017. Penalty rates are up for those organizations failing to timely provide a payee with their statement and/or file a correct information return including involving Forms 1099/1042-S. Here is what you need to know.

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TAX TIP OF THE WEEK: Is an App Purchased For Use in The U.S. But Created Abroad Form 1042-S Reportable?

Here is a real world situation involving a U.S. company that purchased an app created by a company in Canada for use in the United States. Let's see if you can figure out whether that payment is 1042-S reportable - don't worry, we will help you find the answer.

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Dozens of Changes Have Been Made to FATCA Since The New Year: Are you Updated on 2017's New 1042/1042-S Compliance Requirements?

The IRS has been busy: your 1042/1042-S compliance efforts better be ready. There have already been big changes in 2017 and doublessly more to come. Let's discuss just one of these modifications which you must address.

THIS MONTH'S FEATURED SUBSCRIBER ARTICLE: Reporting 1042-S Payments to Foreign Joint Owners

If you make a payment directly to a beneficial owner then you must complete Form 1042-S and treat the beneficial owner as the recipient. But what happens when joint owners are involved? What's the withholding rate? This month let's get answers to these key questions.

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IRS Raids Caterpillar Over Cross-Border Payments

Last week the IRS raided Caterpillar's Peoria Illinois headquarters over alleged failures to follow compliance rules involving cross-border transactions between it and it's various subsidiaries. Here is what you need to know.